Holiday lights

From design to reality



At State48 Electric & HVAC, we bring holiday cheer to life with our expert holiday light design. Our team creates stunning, custom lighting displays that capture the festive spirit, transforming your home or business into a winter wonderland. From classic elegance to vibrant, modern designs, we tailor our holiday lighting to fit your vision, ensuring a magical and memorable holiday season.



State48 Electric & HVAC offers superior source lighting solutions that ensure optimal illumination for any setting. Our expert team designs and installs efficient, high-quality lighting systems tailored to your specific needs, enhancing both visibility and ambiance. Whether for residential, commercial, or special events, our source lighting guarantees reliability, energy efficiency, and exceptional performance.



At State48 Electric & HVAC, we provide expert installation services for all your lighting needs. Our skilled technicians ensure that every lighting system is installed efficiently and safely, delivering optimal performance and longevity. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or festive lighting, we handle each project with precision and care, ensuring your space is perfectly illuminated and meets all your expectations.


Increase awareness while beautifying your property

At State48 Electric & HVAC, we specialize in lighting solutions that not only beautify your property but also enhance its visibility and safety. Our expertly designed lighting systems highlight the architectural features of your home or business, creating a stunning visual impact. At the same time, our strategic installations improve nighttime visibility, increasing security and awareness. With our blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, we ensure your property stands out beautifully while remaining well-lit and secure.

Unique Cangrehenswe Displays

At State48 Electric & HVAC, we pride ourselves on creating unique Cangrehenswe displays that captivate and delight. Our team designs one-of-a-kind lighting setups tailored to your specific vision, transforming any space into an extraordinary experience. Whether for special events, holidays, or themed installations, our Cangrehenswe displays combine creativity, precision, and innovation. With our expertise, we deliver unforgettable lighting displays that leave a lasting impression, making your events truly exceptional.

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